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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Book Review

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At some period on Earth, there were giant Megafauna roaming every corner of the earth. We are talking bear-sized rats, giant ground sloths twenty feet tall, wooly mammoths, and marsupial lions. Humans wiped them all out. Even in the most extreme conditions, early humans only worked 35-40 hours doing meaningful work. Nowadays, you can find people working ten hour days seven days a week in sweat shops, making barely enough to purchase food. Sapiens:A Brief History of Humankind looks at the whole history of the evolution of humans and is a total page-turner. Click the title to read more.


Landscape Photography

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Gallery of Landscape Photography Landscape Photography photography is fairly easy compared to other genre. Nothing Moves! As long as you have solid equipment and a beautiful landscape, it just takes a bit of experimenting and you will end up with some gorgeous shots. The biggest issue for most people is that the lenses that really […]


Nature Photography & Tips

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Nature Photography Tips In this text i’ll try to give you some nature photography tips to help you up your game. Nature photography can often be difficult. With a Galapagos seal as your model, the task is pretty simple. They don’t move much, they are slow, and they always are photogenic (when their eyes are […]