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Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Book Review


Brief Summary – Sapiens Book review

Before jumping into the Sapiens book review, I want to give a brief summary. It won’t ruin anything, but it definitely should get your mouth watering to read the book. It’s only $12.00 on the kindle, and provides hours and hours of reading.

Humans, An Ecological Disaster

At some period on Earth, there were giant Megafauna roaming every corner of the earth. We are talking bear-sized rats, giant ground sloths twenty feet tall, wooly mammoths, and marsupial lions. After a relatively short period of time, early humans managed to wipe the majority of them out.  But not just other species of animals, but other species of humans that walked on the earth during the same time period.  What is it that made humans more successful than these other species, especially when the others had bigger brains, were more muscular, had better adaptations for the environment, AND used tools and fire?

Happiness in Early Times

Even in the most extreme conditions, early humans only worked 35-40 hours doing meaningful work. Nowadays, you can find people working ten hour days seven days a week in sweat shops, making barely enough to purchase food.  Was the life of the early humans a terrible life?

We always hear that the life expectancy was super low. But that number is biased by the high losses in childbirth and early years.  If early humans made it past those first years, many humans made it well into their sixties. I  would bet many of the people working in these sweat shops would swap a 80 year life span for sixty years working half the time doing meaningful work!

An Anxious Lion Prowling the Earth?

For millions of years, early humans sat right in the middle of food chain. We had large and complex brains, but for thousands of years we were stagnant in our progression. In the night, we would be easily taken out by a pack of lions. But significant occurred in our evolution, and we managed to surpass all other creatures in incredibly short period of time.  There are many theories on when and how this growth occurred, and how humans went from sticking to the African prairies and moving into every corner of the earth, including them harshest of regions from deep into the Siberian peninsula and inhospitable deserts. However, since we fast-racked the millions of years of evolution common in most creatures, we took with us the anxiety of living in the middle of the food chain, like knowing we could be took out by another creature at any moment.  While other creatures spent millenia developing an aquatic morphology for rapidly swimming through the oceans, we skipped all that and made ships to travel.  I guess we had to pay for our rapid growth somehow.

Sapiens Book Review

I’ll be honest. This sapiens book review was made before even finishing the book yet.  But I already find it incredibly fascinating and eye opening.  I had to share it with you guys ASAP.  Sapiens gives unique insights not only into the past of humans, but also a fascinating look into human behavior today.

Apparently, most scientists agree that a human 150,000 years ago looked exactly like us! We wouldn’t even be able to tell a difference.  That is a hell of a long time, and only a fraction of a period that humans have been roaming this earth.  In this time, we have caused multiple extinction events, which show that humans have been terrors at other periods of time on Earth. Not just now.

Moreover, we have had societies that have been peaceful, and others that have been incredibly violent.  Imagine the thousands of religions, customs, and art that have come and gone within the millions of years we have been on this planet.  This book thoroughly dissects of evolution of humans, and they do it in a very entertaining manner. I’ll keep this review short and just say It is definitely a page-turner. Go ahead and buy it.

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