How to Format a Blog & Increase Website Speed

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Need for speed

How long did it take to load this blog page after you clicked the link? Why is it important in formatting a blog or webpage? The loading time of a page will depend on various factors, such as the internet connection and device used. Maybe you are in the back seat of a car with a two year old phone and a cracked screen from dropping it twenty times (Me), or possibly you are in a University Library with a 100 gig download speed and an expensive laptop. See why this important when learning how to format a blog.

These are some of the more subtle aspects you have to think about when formatting and writing a blog. Why? When more than half of the time spent browsing worldwide comes from phones, speed is everything.

This is important when readers are out and about, sitting at a park or coffee shop using satellite with a slower connection. If the page won’t load within a few seconds, they might get impatient and forget about it. Off to the next page.

Additionally, you are doing the service to the world when you decrease the data download size of your page by saving your fellow readers from blasting through their phone plans! Remember, not everybody has unlimited!

When you have high quality photos, videos, and fancy themes, the data of your page is going to jump in size considerably. That means your website is going to move like a slug to some readers.

Make your blog faster! Photo by Ashes Sitoula

How to Format a blog- Decrease Photo Size

So, where can you shave of precious time without sacrificing quality? One of the biggest factors to focus on is PHOTOS. A high quality photo is generally 5-20 megabytes.

A solid blog should have at least a couple of photos. Not solely for entertainment purposes, but also for adding alternative text with Keywords that will improve your rank on Google searches. It’s all hidden from sight, but Google is undoubtedly taking it into account. By adding keywords encoded into the photos, you can improve your rank and make your blog reach farther and farther into the web. Keywords should also be throughout your blog, without being pushy. Comment below what you think mine is.

Luckily, there are ways to compress photos without sacrificing too much quality. Unless you examine them with a microscope, you won’t really notice. You can compress a five to fifteen megabyte photos all the way down to 300 kilobytes very quickly with the right applications. That is 5,000 Percent Smaller! This means you can add more photos without worrying about the page loading too slowly for those readers with a choppy connection.

Original 8.5 megabyte Photo

Above is the original photo straight from the camera. Now, take a look below. The size of photo is WAY smaller. Can you see a difference in quality? I honestly cannot. However, the page will load much faster for your impatient audience!


Formatted and compressed photo 78 kilobytes. Over 1000% smaller.

How to Format a blog- Word Count

Now that we have spoken about increasing your pages speed, how about the length? In order to have google take interest in your page and get a good ranking, you should have at least three hundred words.

However, don’t write bullshit fluff just to reach that word count. Wait until you have a topic interesting enough to to reach that word account.

The shining typewriter
Don’t write just to write!

Now, what is the optimal length? You have a much better chance of ranking well in Google if you write at least 1000 words or more. I know, it is a lot. But if you want to write for business purposes, it is important. If it is only for pleasure, not so much.

Plugins – How to format a blog

My Big Mistake

I made a huge mistake when I first started out.  I went directly to, signed up, and started making posts.  I quickly realized that in order to purchase plugins, which are crucial to SEO and an ungodly amount of extras, you have to upgrade to the business plan.

Business Plan Ripoff

This costs $300.00 a year plus the domain fee of $18.00 a year.

On the other hand, you can purchase a domain, have all the plugins you could possibly want and only pay $72.00 dollars a year.  If you want to learn how to do this process, contact me for a consult and I will save you hundreds!

Increase Your Website Speed

These plugins are crucial for speed. Unless you are a tech wizard like my cousin, you will have trouble without the use of them.  You can download all kind of optimizers that will increase your website speed until you have a lightning fast experience.  You’ll have a huge bounce rate if you do not increase the speed, especially for mobile users.  Anything longer than three seconds for somebody on a phone can be enough to cause them to stop trying to load your site!

Final Notes

I hope everybody who is interested in blogging found this interesting. For information on how to compress your photos without loosing quality or any other inquiries, please contact me for a consult! You don’t have to be a genius to do it, but it makes a world of difference when formatting a blog and making it more popular. Also, if you haven’t already, take a look at my “How to write your first blog” post.


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