Ultimate Guide: How To Write Your First Blog.



People start blogs for a variety of reasons.  It may be for a job, or perhaps you have something to say to the world worth reading.  Whatever your reason may be, starting out can be a little intimidating.  I will share a few tips with you to get your feet off the ground, answer questions on how to write your first blog, and this could land a paid position.

Personally, I never thought that I would be able to get a position where my words could be a source of income.  I saw a post online, and I jumped on it. After reaching out to Marforshort for help in getting my first blog under my belt, I successfully obtained a position that liked my work.

Whether you’re blogging for the first time or have been in the blogosphere for a bit of time, these steps can help you create/improve your writing and potentially land you a paid position as well.

Starting Off

If you are looking to make some money, you need to have a portfolio to show off. This can’t be in the form of word documents, they absolutely need to be published online. Find somebody that has a platform, or even better create your own.  Once you have that down, start writing and publishing. Take your time, insert interesting photos, and edit edit edit.

As you blog..remember a few things.

Your Opinion Matters

The first step to writing a blog is getting in the mental mindset that your opinion matters.  If you are feeling self-conscious about in thoughts and writing, you will not have a productive session or your creativity will be severely stunted.  Moreover, your readers will definitely sense when you aren’t being genuine and writing in a natural way. If you feel that you are not one hundred percent confident in your writing, drop the keyboard (Gently) and wait until you are “in the zone.”  You have to be yourself, not what people want you to be. Read this if self consciousness is getting in the way of your writing.

Inspire yourself

You may think the best option to gather inspiration for a blog is to look at other peoples work.  While this may work for some people, I highly recommend you dive in without any outside influence. This way, you will avoid other writer’s ideas that can easily rub off on your own writing.  You might not even know your doing it!

Some of the most famous writers such as Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin stick to an old-fashioned typewriter. While you don’t have to isolate yourself completely from the Internet, using your creativity and your intelligence can be the best option for crafting  an original piece. If the thoughts don’t come right away, don’t worry. They will.

With all that being said, you do need to learn SEO techniques to improve your blog traffic and make it more popular. I’ve written a great example of a blog that could be used to market a product.

Be Patient

I personally have trouble with this one.  Right when I am done writing a blog, I want to submit it right away.  Some of the best ideas for writing comes from reflection of your thoughts.

Give yourself a few days to reread and mull over the ideas you have written.  This also helps catch subtle grammatical mistakes that you may have missed. Hint: This is also very effective for writing speeches. 

Choosing the Topic – How to write your first blog

When I wrote my first blog, the words really flew out of my fingers.  This is because I choose a subject that I felt could be of service to people, but also had a huge impact on my life. If you can combine these two aspects, you can really make a blog easily. Because the subject had a significant impact on me, the blog was really easy to write, and I actually had to limit myself because I had so many ideas.  When this happens to you, try to pick the concepts that you believe will have the most impact on readers and yourself. Process of elimination As you move forward and have a few blogs under your belt, remember that each one doesn’t have to be a fantastic and original piece of work.  Sometimes you may just want to provide something useful, like how to get a U.S. passport.  But whatever you do, keep true to yourself and make it PERSONAL.


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