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  • Galapagos Seal
  • Nature Photography Tips- Galapagos SealSeal
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  • Nature Photography Tips - Galapagos Seal
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Nature Photography Tips

In this text i’ll try to give you some nature photography tips to help you up your game. Nature photography can often be difficult. With a Galapagos seal as your model, the task is pretty simple. They don’t move much, they are slow, and they always are photogenic (when their eyes are open, anyways).

However, most of the time this won’t be the case. One second you will be trying take a photo of a slow moving object directly in the sun. The next you are trying to get a bird flitting from branch to branch. If you have it on automatic, you are likely only going to be able to focus on the branch in front of the bird.

This is where practice makes perfect. Switching the metering, playing with manual. I learned a lot shooting in the Galapagos, because there was something constantly going on. One moment I would be trying to capture blue footed boobies dive bombing the water, so I would have to set my shutter speed incredibly high and make sure I could focus on the birds and not the shore behind it.

In the next moment you may be trying to capture an amazing landscape shot, and the next trying to a shot where everything in the background is blurry besides your subject.  

The hardest part of these tasks is to constantly switch to fit the scenario. Having trouble getting the shot? You really need to get out to your local park or better yet take a drive to a National park. You won’t become a better photographer unless you travel to see some great action to capture. Keep experimenting and looking at the results when you get home! This is the best advice of my nature photography tips

The next phase is to do a little touchup. For the basics, just use “photos” on a mac, or whatever basic photo editing program that comes on windows. Mess with the saturation, the lighting, and highlights to get what you like. However, with animals, don’t to go overboard and make them look like an entirely different species!

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