How to Write a high quality SEO Blog to Increase Sales + Example “PrintsbyBrews”


In this blog, I want to go over how to write a quality SEO blog. I am also going to provide an example and describe what I am doing later in the analysis section.  For this example, I am going to be advertising one of my friends Etsy pages, PrintsbyBrews“. He 3D prints collegiate crafts, such as Tennessee Football Christmas ornaments, cell phone stands, and National Championship trophy models.

I have two main goals in this blog. The first is to teach users to write a quality blog with great SEO. This will help you learn how to write so you can increase sales of the product.  You can have a great candy shop, but if nobody can find it, good luck.  The second is to promote this product, which will, in turn, teach you.  Read the analysis to see what I am doing as I write!

Tennessee Football Christmas Gifts

Are you a die-hard vol fan?  What really makes a loyal fan is showing up to every game, win or lose. Moreover, giving support to the hard-working athletes and the legacy of the University of Tennessee football team that began in 1891.  If you really want to represent the University of Tennessee, there is no better way than to show the spirit than right on your desk in the office or sitting beautifully on a Christmas Tree. It better be at eye level if you are a true volunteer, or better yet at the top. As you read on, you are going to see some of the best Christmas gifts you can give yourself or your friends and family to represent the spirit of both Christmas and the University of Tennessee.

University of Tennessee Power T Phone Stand $10.00

How-to-Write-a-quality-blog-to-increase-sales-Power-TThe Power T is Everything to a true vol fan.

It’s on the front of the Tennessee Jersey. It’s on the side of the helmet so our opponents can see the Power T as our running backs run past them.

Heading to work every morning, the recipient of this gift will get a smile on their face every day as they sit down at the desk and place their phone into this Iconic Tennessee Football Power T Phone stand.

Even during the roughest day, a Power-T will lift the spirits.

This gift is perfect for anyone sitting at the office for extended periods of time and uses their phone frequently.

This product currently only costs $10.00! Buy them before the Christmas season picks up and gets really busy!



University of Tennessee Christmas Tree Ornament $5.00

How-to-write-a-high-Quality-SEO-Blog-to-Increase-Sales-University-of-Tennessee-Christmas-GiftChristmas is one of the best holidays for enjoying company, whether it is family or friends.

Now, you have the option to show off to everybody this awesome University of Tennessee ornament in the beautiful orange colors we all love.

This Tennessee Football Christmas gift is perfect for stocking stuffers for the price because you can buy a bunch and give them to all your friends.

This product is solidly made and currently has only five-star ratings.

Hang them up next to the rest of your ornaments, and make sure everybody can see it.

It will definitely be the attention getter for any Volunteer fans. Or at the very least make some fans from other universities cringe.

This product only will set you back $5.00. What a deal!

University of Tennessee Business Card Holder $5.00

This one has got to be my all-time favorite.  A business card holder is an awesome Christmas gift.  But a University of Tennessee business cardholder?  That is a next-level gift, especially for a true volunteer fan.

They can now show off to everybody in the office which university is the best.  This can be on the opposite side of the desk of the Power T phone stand, and then you are really in business.  If the gift recipient is a volunteer fan, this will without a doubt have them jumping with joy. Similar to the joy given when scoring a touchdown against the University of Florida, but it lasts forever.

This University of Tennessee Christmas football gift is also unique in that it is in the shape of Tennessee. So cool!


Custom Made Orders – Tennessee Football Christmas Gifts

Have something in mind that isn’t in the Prints by Brews Catalogue?  Fear not, because you can make a suggestion and they will without a doubt work with you.  Attend another school besides the University of Tennessee?  I’m sure something can be made for you.  Maybe even a “house divided” type.  The customer service is incredible, and they respond very quickly.

Product information

These Tennessee Football Christmas gifts are custom designed and 3D printed. These products are made from PLA biodegradable plastic!   If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to check out the website.  Reach out to the owner.

Analysis – How to write a High-Quality SEO Blog to Increase Sales 

Keyword Selection

Keywords are of the utmost importance when trying to increase your website traffic. My Key phrases will be “How to Write A high-Quality SEO Blog to Increase Sales” and “University of Tennessee Football Christmas Gifts.”

I am going to be putting these key phrases in a few of the main headers, the title, and all throughout the text as it looks good in the Google algorithm. How? Google scans the website and will understand this keyword is important because of the frequency through the text and positioning in the headers and title.

Notice how the key phrases I am using are pretty long. “Writing a High-Quality blog to Increase Sales” is pretty substantial. Why is it so long? Well, It may not be as popular as a search term because of its length, but the people who find this topic important, it will definitely find them. This is your niche audience, and you need to find one. This is incredibly important when starting a new business because likely a lot of subjects have already been taken. For example, I write for a Galapagos Cruise company. There are literally thousands of travel agencies trying to rank for “Luxury Galapagos Cruises,” but only the big boys are going to rank for those small and popular key phrases.  If you can make your key phrases very specific, it will reach a smaller crowd. However, these will be your most valuable viewers.

Keep it entertaining – How to write a high-Quality SEO Blog to Increase Sales

Just like essays in school, try to introduce the subject in an entertaining manner. We are talking about the University of Tennessee, and we are trying to get future customers SIKED to buy the product. Notice how the title contains the keyword, and the keywords are also in the first paragraph. Very important.

Body Text 

In the body of the text, I maintain a very exciting and positive attitude and add bits of humor. I hype up the product and discuss the type of people that should buy it.

Another important factor is the photos.  Notice how they keep your eyes moving in somewhat of an adventure.  You go left, you go right, and then middle.  Try not to go crazy with this and maintain somewhat of a pattern.  You want everything to flow well

The photos have also been decreased in size to below one hundred kilobytes. However, the quality is still great.  For information on how to do this, contact me directly for a consult. I will also give you information about maximizing your traffic with the alternative text section of the photos.

Inbound links 

Make sure to you are inbound linking to your products or other relevant pages of your website.  This directs people to the catalog or product, so they can make the purchase.  You’ve got them excited for it with the writing. Now sink in the deal.

Outbound Links – How to write a high-Quality SEO Blog to Increase Sales

Make sure that you are also outbound linking at least once or twice to another website.  Don’t just do it for the sake of outbound linking. Choose something relevant and useful to your audience! I chose to use a website that shows how to clean plastic items.

Blog Length

This blog is currently 1,400+ words.  In Google’s eyes, posting high-quality content at shorter intervals with over 1,000 words is the best way to reach google ranks.  You can post shorter content, but it won’t do as well.

Final Notes

I hope everyone found this useful. Now you can begin to put these to use on your website and increase traffic. For any more information, shoot me an email to  Also, if you like the content, go check out the Prints by brews website and make an order!


Interested in a consult? I will give professional feedback on how to get content on the radar. Don’t know where to start? Talk to me about that and I can put some ideas in your head of where to begin.


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